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New to Town? 8 Ways to Make Family Friends Fast

Most everyone has experienced being the new person in a community, school or other environment. Every family needs a support system and when you’re new in town, time is of the essence. Once your family has settled on the neighborhood you will live in, your next step is to get out there and meet people in the community.


Team Family: Working Together When You Live Apart

The back-and-forth routine that accompanies many children with a mom and dad in different homes often brings exhaustion. For kids, it can create confusion, anxiety and turmoil. Our children need a stable home environment, free of tension and chaos, to develop a healthy self-image and succeed in school. If you spend any time at your child’s school, particularly middle and high schools, you’ll notice the pressure and demands they face. Minefields at home only create more stress.


Five Tips to Help Create a Peaceful Stepfamily Holiday

The holidays descended upon us quickly after my husband and I married mid-October and began our new life together. My expectations of a joyous holiday season faded as the reality of combining two households with different traditions and outside family members settled on us. I wasn’t prepared for the chaos and heartache that accompanied our first Christmas together.


21 Questions to Jump-Start Conversation With Your Kids

It’s evening. Maybe you’re lucky enough to be sitting around the dinner table as a family. Or perhaps you’ve got a few moments in the car with your child between activities. So you ask, “How was your day?” But all you get are grunts and shrugged shoulders. Instead you try asking, “What did you do in school today?” This time you get the customary one-word answer: “Nothing.”


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