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Prenatal & Newborn

Making Room for Baby - 8 Tips for Helping Your Other Children Adjust to a New Sibling

There’s nothing more exciting than finding out that you are expecting, again. Thoughts of tiny toes and sweet baby breath flood your mind, and your world is all of a sudden in total bliss. Along with another baby, though, come worries of: How will I possibly love this baby like I love my first? Or, How will my child adjust to having a new baby in the house? Will they still know that I love them just the same?


The Evolution of Cloth Diapers - Are They Right for Your Baby?

Moms want the very best for their bundles of joy, and in today’s modern world the environmental impact of some accepted baby methods, such as disposable diapers, simply can’t be ignored. So what does today’s modern mom do to satisfy her environmental responsibilities without dealing with the traditional downfalls of old-school cloth diapers? Well, there are a variety of companies who have come up with alternatives and solutions to age-old problems.


Diaper Rashes

Chances are, your baby will have at least one diaper rash in his young life. Don’t fret, here are some examples of rashes and how to treat them:



How To Support A Family With A Baby In The NICU

Because my son Sam aspirated meconium into his lungs when he was born, he was transported to a NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) across town within hours of his birth. My husband had to be strong for our whole family while also dealing with stressful work issues. My other children were upset and confused. As for me, my hormones were a mess, and I was overwhelmed with learning the lay of the NICU land while also taking care of things at home… and recovering from childbirth. I was exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally.


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