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Prenatal & Newborn

Baby Massage

The loving touch - "It almost seems as if he's helping me," exclaimed a new grandmother in her enthusiasm of massaging her first grandson. "As I start to massage him, I can see the love lighting up in his eyes." Infant massage is a wonderful and unique way to welcome your baby into the world. It facilitates the developing relationship between parent and child by increasing feelings of attachment and confidence in parenting skills.


Prenatal Fitness

Health professionals all agree that staying fit throughout your pregnancy will have a huge impact on your pregnancy, labour/delivery and recovery. Some of the remarkable benefits of exercising during pregnancy include:


Expecting Twins

Twice the happiness or twice the nausea? Twice the joy or twice the anxiety? Expecting twins is a very different adventure than expecting only one baby.


Pregnancy Month by Month

There is perhaps no one better than you — a mamma-to-be or a mom of two who knows just how much the body (your’s and baby’s) can change during pregnancy.


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