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Beyond Bonbons & Bouquets - 135 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (2)

Here’s the conundrum. Each year in May, mom gets her very own celebration day. But isn’t mom the person who usually does most of the gift shopping the rest of the year? So let’s admit it, folks, when it comes to finding the perfect gift for mom, sometimes, family members come up empty on fresh ideas. Heck, even mom herself often feels stumped when pressed for gift ideas. But thanks to this gift checklist, you can help your loved ones brainstorm gifts mom will be sure to love.


10 Ways to Stop Micromanaging Your Kids’ Goals

Teaching our kids to have goals, do their best, and leverage personal momentum to succeed are all good ideas. However, there is a difference between supporting a child’s efforts to reach their goals versus taking control of the results we deem the best possible outcomes for our kids. Parents who habitually steamroll their kids, rob them of personal experience on multiple levels. When parents over-step, kids can lose their point of view; their self-esteem may go down; they may feel confused, anxious, or depressed; and they may focus too much on pleasing their parents instead of honoring their own desires.


You’ve Got It, Mom! 10 Tips to Boost Self-Confidence

In my adult life, nothing has sapped my self-confidence like motherhood. Just when I think I’ve got it figured out, the kids grow and change in a new direction. And watching other moms only makes matters worse. I spend my days sucking up cereal with a hand-held vacuum while Supermom posts to-die-for pictures on Pinterest. Of course, it is perfectly normal to feel insecure at times. But self-doubt can create a vicious, downward spiral. To lift yourself up, you’ve got to tap in to your inner core of confidence. Here’s how.


Tried & True - Parenting Tips From the Trenches!

Sleep cures all. Half of all discipline issues could be prevented if parents could secure a full eight hours of sleep in a 24-hour day. Make sleep a priority. The meals, laundry and clutter will always be there, but a rested, content parent is the biggest asset for patience, calmness and joy in parenting.


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