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Five Things Your Babysitter Wants to Talk About

How do you keep a good babysitter? By talking with them about their concerns. The earlier parents establish an open dialogue with a trusted sitter, the more likely they are to do a good job and stick around.


Still Spanking?

Recently, on a Dr. Phil show, the hot topic of the day was ‘to spank, or not to spank’? There was a couple on the show, who had been gracious enough to allow a camera into their home to show that their spanking was effective behavior guidance with their children. After viewing the tapes, Dr. Phil put together some of the events and the children’s behaviors which caused these parents to spank their child.


7 Ways to Be an Emotionally Attentive Parent

The way a child is treated emotionally by their parents determines how they’ll treat themselves as an adult. For example, a child who does not receive praise and attention for their small accomplishments, and the pride they feel, may grow up with low self-regard and little confidence in their own abilities. If you ignore your child’s emotions, your child will feel ignored on some level, no matter how much attention you pay to them in other ways.


50 Simple Ways to Show Your Daughter You Love Her - Quick Ways to Strengthen the Mother-Daughter Connection

Little girls are sugary sweet and filled with adoration for their mommy. As they approach the teen years, the mother-daughter relationship often gets a bit trickier. I try to connect with my tween every day to remind her that we still have something awesome between us.


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