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Thoughts From A Successful Counselor

When I graduated with my master's degree and found my first job in an Ottawa psychiatric clinic, I admit I was terrified. I was part of a "team" that consisted of a psychiatrist, family physician, psychologist and a nurse.


THANKSGIVING DINNER IDEAS - don't eat your young

Parents have been struggling to teach their children table manners for many years. Even back in 1530, Erasmus in his Treatise on Manners advised, "Be careful not to be the first to put your hands in the dish. What you cannot hold in your hands you must put on your plate. Also it is a great breach of etiquette when your fingers are dirty and greasy, to bring them to your mouth in order to lick them, or to clean them on your jacket. It would be more decent to use the tablecloth."


How do you help your underachieving child?

Another year starts and you hear the same comments from teachers: “Your child seems capable but…” Where do you go for help?


How to Manage Your Emotional Fitness

Perhaps you have found yourself yelling at the kids when you know they don’t deserve it. Maybe you can’t stop crying while reading a news article or watching a movie. Perhaps you find yourself raging to yourself, partner or spouse for no reason. We can feel confused by our reactions when they seem big and inexplicable. Conversely, we can become depressed when we under react and tolerate hurtful behavior.


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