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Learning to Read: What Parents Need to Know

Learning to read is a journey. Some children pave the path to becoming bookworms with ease, while others struggle to find their footing from day one. No child’s learning journey is quite the same, but there is a knowledge base all parents can equip themselves with to help their children become successful readers. The best thing parents can do is stay in the know about key milestones, markers, and misconceptions related to childhood reading.


Playtime Unplugged

It’s no secret that today’s fast-paced lifestyle leaves many of us feeling as if we’re running on a never-ending treadmill. We’re pressured to over-schedule, overdo, and overspend. It takes a conscious effort to simplify and allow time for quiet and reflection in our adult lives. No wonder our children mirror our overly-busy lives, often to their emotional detriment. Their days may be too full of scheduled activities to allow time for healthy, unstructured play, and play is the childhood equivalent of work; it needs to happen. There’s power in your child’s unstructured, unplugged, creative play.


All Ears? Nine Games to Tune Up Listening Skills

Ever notice how your kids tune you out just when you need them to listen to you the most? While listening is critical in communication, this skill is one of the most difficult to master and the least taught. From toddlers to teens, make learning to listen fun by playing games that will help your kids tune in. 


Is Your Child Too Wiggly to Read?

Sitting still and listening to a story is a developmental skill that can be nurtured over time. Sometimes young children are just too full of energy to sit still and pay attention to a book. They’re like a basket full of puppies needing to wiggle, run and play. How will you ever instill a love of reading into your wiggly toddler or preschooler? Never fear. There are ways to give your child the freedom to work out the wiggles and still leave time for some snuggly reading time.


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