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Thank you for your interest in writing for Calgary's Child Magazine. For 20 years, multi-award winning Calgary's Child Magazine has been the source parents turn to for news and trusted information about issues, classes, activities and support. Published bi-monthly, we have more than 100 local writers, plus recognized regional and national best-selling authors, parenting experts and journalists share their knowledge to help build our network and ensure the best possible resources and trusted information for readers.

We are always interested in reviewing story ideas for publication. Calgary’s Child Magazine publishes articles that have relevance to our readership. Each issue carries strong coverage of local issues and relevant topics written for parents of children ranging in age from prenatal to the early teens. Every issue features a theme as well as comprehensive guides and regular editorial departments. Please refer to our Editorial Calendar located in our online Media Kit for more information.

We look for articles that provide a unique and fresh perspective on parenting. Reviewing past issues or articles online at calgaryschild.com will provide you with examples of our editorial direction.

To have an assigned article considered by our editorial team for publication, please send a short outline or story idea for consideration to M.L. Ellen Percival, Editor-in-Chief at calgaryschild@shaw.ca. Please provide two writing samples if possible.

To have a reprint submission considered, please send us the complete article. Remember, we often file articles for future consideration if the ‘fit or feel’ is better for an upcoming issue.

If your story idea or submission is accepted, please keep in mind the following editorial guidelines:

  1. To ensure the editorial integrity of the magazine, Calgary's Child Magazine will not consider an article that is being considered for publication in another local magazine or newspaper. 
  2. When writing your article, use Canadian statistics and experts whenever possible.
  3. We prefer articles written to approximately 450 – 650 words in length unless approved as a feature article by CCM first. Word count will be determined at that time. Please include a headline, deck and/or pull quote if applicable and a short biography about yourself at the end of your article.
  4. Please include a photo credit if you submit a photograph with your submission.
  5. Calgary's Child Magazine reserves the right to edit the article for accuracy, clarity and/or length. 
  6. Your article cannot focus on your specific program/product/organization. (This is considered advertising and you will be referred to our advertising department). 
  7. Calgary Specialists. Regular featured articles from local parenting and childcare specialists ensures Calgary’s Child Magazine continues to provide the best possible resources and trusted information for readers. Compensation is based on a win-win relationship with our local experts/practicing professional. In return for your article in Calgary's Child Magazine, we can provide exposure for your practice in your biography at the end of your article.
  8. Freelance Journalists. When a story is assigned or reprint submission accepted, the writer and editor will agree on the fee paid in Canadian funds. Our editorial assistant, Melissa Michta-Thomson, will request an invoice when your article is approved and has been included in the current issue.

Again, thank you for your interest. Please keep in mind that, at any given time, we are dealing with several dozen story ideas for consideration - patience and great ideas always help move you through the queue. 



Do you have some great content that you would like to share with our blog readers? Good news! We are now considering high quality, fresh and relevant guest blog posts. Calgaryschild.com is our online source of information and fun for families. Almost 320,000 unique visitors turn to our pages for hundreds of engaging articles on every age and stage.

If you are interested in submitting a guest article for our blog, here are our guidelines. Sorry, only posts that meet our guidelines will be considered.

  1. Guest posts must be original, not previously published, and not being considered elsewhere for publication. If you have published your post only on your own personal blog, that is acceptable.That said, if published on calgaryschild.com, you are free and encouraged to share a summary and link on your website, social media and blog.
  2. The content must be relevant and of interest to our readers.
  3. Your submission must be factually accurate and grammatically correct. We reserve the right to edit for clarity and correct punctuation.
  4. We will not consider posts that are completely self-promotional or that contain marketing links. However, feel free to include this information in your bio.
  5. Please include a 2 to 3 sentence bio about yourself. You may include links to your blog and website.
  6. We accept posts from 400 to 1000 words. If you submit a photo, please include a photo credit. 


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