Fun with the Easter Bunny!

Spring Funby Krista Conrad Photo:

From finding eggs to eating them, Calgary has a lot of fun events to keep families entertained this Easter

Families looking for some Easter fun this spring are in luck: Calgary is brimming with Easter-themed events and egg hunts to keep children of all ages—and even Mom, Dad, and Rover—entertained. There is something in Calgary to suit every budget, family size, and age group.

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Fever Smart - The Smart Patch Thermometer

Fever SmartParents no longer have to worry through the night that a fever will spike unexpectedly. Using a smartphone or Internet-connected device, parents can monitor their baby’s temperature in real time and receive alerts when their baby’s temperature begins to rise or reaches unsafe levels.

The free app, available on both iOS and Android, is intuitive and offers opportunities to share trend data with physicians to determine an individualized treatment plan. Purchase at

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