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A Little Clumsy or Developmental Disorder?

Gerry studies his shoelaces carefully as he makes two loops and then considers the next step. The final knot laboriously completed, he runs outside to his bike. He mounts his bike, and rides off slowly with the typical wobbles of someone who has recently acquired this skill. Gerry has been doing the usual job of a child in learning these complex new skills. Sound familiar? Maybe, or maybe Gerry’s story has an important difference. Gerry is nine-years-old (with normal intelligence), and has just mastered these skills after three years of hard work.


Wishing Those Warts Away

"They have roots that go to the bone."
"Rub them with a potato, then bury it - a sure cure."
"You get warts from touching frogs."

Many myths and misconceptions surround the common wart. The truth is that warts are actually infections of the skin caused by a virus.


Take a Break!

...It's not an Indulgence 

While watching Oprah on television one day, I heard Dr. Phil McGraw make an impactful comment. He said that parents, particularly mothers who have a tendency to martyr for their families, have an obligation to take care of their children's caregiver. As parents, we are duty-bound to spend adequate time tending to our own well being. Not only is it not selfish, it is essential for our physical, mental and emotional health. It is impossible to pour from an empty teapot. If the caregiver stresses out or becomes ill, there is no one left to look after anyone.


Healthy, Well-thy and Wise

What is health and wellness all about? In its most basic definition ‘health’ means the absence of disease while ‘wellness’ implies another notch up in well being from avoiding the sniffles.


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