Health & Safety


Babysitting Safety

When my children were young, my wife and I hired a babysitter when we planned a night out. As parents, we took precautions – the same precautions taken by parents today. Parents tell the babysitter where they are going, when they will return, and leave a number where they can be reached. They lock the windows and doors and place the snacks on the kitchen counter. Parents remind the babysitter to call them if there are any problems and to call the police if there is an emergency.


Drowning Is Preventable

Summer is almost here and most of us are looking forward to some playful days by our favorite lake, pool or on the river.  I hope we have a perfect summer for all our planned fun; but I have an even greater hope – that we enjoy this coming season without a single drowning or water-related injury.


Summer Safety

Summer is a wonderful season to relax with our families and friends and take a break from our fast-paced lives. Summer, though, should not relax our safety sense.



Lock It Up For Safety

Summer is one of my favorite times of the year in Calgary. The weather warms up and families can enjoy sports in the backyard, bike rides on the pathways and day trips to the mountains. But during this time of year, our families may become a little more carefree and a little less concerned about crime prevention — especially when it comes to home and garage security.


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