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Five High Tech Tools On The Web For Home Schools

There’s no denying that home schooling is becoming an educational option utilized by more and more parents as an alternative to public education and private education. Others are choosing to home school because they have a certain value system or religious viewpoint they want to instill. Whatever the reason you and your family have chosen the option of home schooling, there are a multitude of terrific online resources out there to make your choice more effective for you.


Choosing A Supervising School Board

Considering Home Education? As a home schooling parent in Alberta, you must register with a willing school board in order to legally home school. However, it’s important to know that you don’t have to register with your local school board. Many private schools and school boards inside and outside of Calgary and Edmonton will supervise home schoolers as long as they reside somewhere in the province.


Homeschooling: The World is Your Classroom

Congratulations! You are thinking about home educating one or more of your children. According to Alex Roslin, author of The New Homeschooling article in a recent issue of Today’s Parent magazine, the number of homeschooled children in Canada is around 70,000 children or about 2 per cent of the school-aged population. With the prevalence and tremendous growth of the popularity of online courses, which are not included in the statistics for home education, the trend of ‘home’ education is growing exponentially.


Lessons in Learning - Homeschooling & Your Parenting Style

There are many ways for your child to learn at home. It’s important for parents to decide if their homeschooling style is a good fit with their parenting style as both have to align in philosophy, methods and goals.


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