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Embracing Hectic Times: Don’t Let a Busy Schedule Wear Your Family Down

I’ll tell you what is not helpful during your busiest times of year: beating yourself up about it. Yes, sure, you could have chosen a more Zen-minded path, but you didn’t. You scheduled your family to the hilt and now you are feeling the affects. Stress, short-tempers and the seeming inability of the household to function smoothly are typical signals that you may have slightly overdone it in the commitments department.


Baby Basics

There are quite a few common concerns when it comes to new infants. Sometimes as a new parent, it’s hard to know what is or isn’t normal. Read on for the most common concerns that arise.


Children's Dental Care

Mommy! Mommy! Look, I lost my tooth!” Remember when you lost your first tooth? Whether it was from natural causes or because it was tied to a door, that was a special day. Losing baby teeth meant you were growing up. The only time a lot of attention is given to baby teeth is when they are either falling out or growing in. According to most dentists and pediatricians, we need to start giving them more attention on an everyday basis.


Engaging the Daydreamer

When my son’s second grade teacher told me that he often appeared to ‘check out’ during the school day, I was concerned. But I wasn’t entirely surprised that my imaginative child would drift off to his dream world, an infinitely more colorful place than a math facts worksheet. Nonetheless, his daydreaming needed to be addressed. While many dreamers are creative and bright children, they may have trouble getting work done during the school day, struggle with paying attention to the teacher and forget to turn in homework. Worse, they can easily get pegged as slackers.


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