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Health & Wellness

Back to School, Back to Sport

Another summer comes to a close, and kids everywhere are returning to their desks, spending most of their days in a seated position. Remember that their brains aren’t the only muscles that need exercise! Fight back against this sedentary new reality by finding and enrolling your child in an organized sport activity.

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Set Up Your Freezer for Mealtime Success

As a dietitian for close to 20 years, I’ve noticed my most successful clients achieving the best success don’t necessarily have more time or knowledge, they have clear systems built for speed and repetition. One of the systems that can greatly help with meal planning success, especially for time-crunched families, is to understand not just what to put in the freezer, but how to set it up.

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Heads Up! Here’s What all Parents of Youth Athletes Should Know about Head Injuries and Concussions

Brooke de Lench was watching one of her sons play in a high school football game, and what she saw worried her. He looked slow. Confused. Uncoordinated. No one else seemed to notice, but she saw enough to set off alarm bells. It wasn’t just that he was having an off day. A visit to the doctor confirmed her fears: her son was suffering from the residual effects of at least one concussion, and possibly more.

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Zika, Travel, and Pregnancy - From Alberta Health Services

Albertans love to travel to hot places to escape our cold winters. Direct flights to Mexico, the Caribbean and the like mean that in just a few hours, we can go from -20°C to +30°C and trade our winter boots and mittens for flip-flops and sunscreen. But what about the Zika virus? If you’re pregnant or planning a pregnancy, is it safe to visit these warmer countries? What do you need to know before you go?

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