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Red Eyes, Allergies and Dry Eyes

Throughout the year, children often have eye infections, allergies and dry eyes. Eye infections can affect one or both eyes and are most common in children. Some eye infections are highly contagious, and you must take care not to infect other people, or even your other eye if only one eye is infected. As a parent, these conditions can be alarming and it is important to know when to come see your optometrist for evaluation. Medically necessary visits with your optometrist for these conditions are covered by Alberta Health Care for all age groups including children.


Children’s Dental Care

Oral health care of children from infancy through the teenage years requires different approaches in dealing with their specific needs. Our goal is to assist each child in guiding their dental growth and development and helping them to avoid future dental problems.


Sick with Worry?

Anxiety is a painful experience. The heightened feeling of stress, worry, nervousness and fear can be relentless and overwhelming. Although each child or adult has a unique experience of anxiety, there are some commonalities. For young people, school is often a source of anxiety. The beginning of a new school year or a transition, such as from home to elementary school, from elementary school to junior high school, from junior high school to senior high school or from senior high school to post-secondary school, typically are points of increased stress.


Caffeine Culture and Your Kids

Nowadays, it’s trendy to hang out in coffee shops sipping not only coffee, but also a variety of coffee-related drinks from lattés to spiced tea drinks to frappy-iced-things of some kind or another. The names of these items can suggest something delicious and foreign, tempting every cell in our bodies to indulge. But amidst the complications of elaborate titles and ingredients lists that don’t exactly tell all, do people actually know what they’re getting, and more importantly, do they know what they’re feeding their children? Rory Hornstein, a Registered Dietitian in Calgary, says no, and points to caffeine as the first and most obvious demon on the list.


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