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Health & Wellness

9 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Immune System

With the flu and cold season right around the corner, try simple strategies to help keep your child healthy and strong. These tips can also help the body fight illness more efficiently.

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How Screens Impact Young Children

Experts agree that kids learn best when reading books and doing other hands-on activities with their caregivers.

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The Pyschology of Concussion

During a game a few months ago, Katie, a young hockey player, sustained a concussion. Her parents were concerned that her recovery was not positively progressing. Katie was still having difficulty focusing at school, and by her parents’ insistence, Katie did not return to her sport of hockey or any other activity.

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Sports Mouthguards for Kids

With the start of Fall comes sports for kids, and you may be considering a mouthguard for your child. Read on for Dr. Gage’s professional recommendations of mouthguards, and what type of mouthguard is right for your child to ensure their physical safety.

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