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Enjoy the Outdoors (Safely!) this Winter

Winter weather brings exciting new outdoor adventures for you and your child. From tobogganing to building snowmen, the winter months offer opportunities to stay active and spend time together outdoors. When planning outdoor activities, it’s important to remember that the weather in Alberta can be unpredictable and temperatures can drop rapidly. Because babies and children have smaller bodies, they are at greater risk of becoming too cold (leading to hypothermia). Ensuring that both you and your child are dressed appropriately for the chilly weather is an important component of safe outdoor fun. 


A Natural Approach to Cough and Cold Season

During the winter months, seasonal illnesses such as coughs and colds become more frequent, especially in kids whose immune systems are still developing. Maintaining good health can help fight germs. Understanding what illness your child may have and properly treating the symptoms are key to faster recovery and preventing health complications.


Difficult Diagnosis or Medical Trauma - How to Tell the Kids

Learning that you, your spouse or another family member suffers from an incurable illness or a serious, possibly fatal injury is devastating. After the initial shock, you may wonder how to break the news to your children. “What we try and tell parents is that we can’t fix things that are heartbreaking, but we can make them easier to understand,” says Heather Kinney, CCLS, CPST, a senior child life specialist.


A Family’s Guide to Pneumonia

Cold and flu season can hit your family hard. As the season wears on, immunity systems become more compromised and illnesses can sneak their way into your home. But what happens when an illness more serious than a cold or the flu presents itself? According to pediatrician Dr. Adam Aronson, still maturing immune systems cause children to be more susceptible to pneumonia. Additionally, he notes that “their behavior patterns, such as reduced occurrences of hand-washing and lessened ability to efficiently blow their noses, make children more prone to contract bacteria and viruses that can eventually lead to pneumonia.” By learning how to identify the different causes of pneumonia, how to treat it and how to prevent it, your family will breathe more easily this winter.


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