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Prevent Accidental Poisoning

provided by Calgary EMS

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) would like to remind parents and caregivers of precautions to prevent accidental childhood poisonings around the home. Ingesting prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medications is a significant cause of accidental childhood poisonings. Other causes of poisoning include ingesting or coming in contact with household items such as dishwasher tablets, mouthwash, or chemicals such as paints, solvents and cleaning products.


Local Business Spotlight

Hippo Hug

Hippo Hug is a Canadian weighted blanket company that is different from any others you will find on the market! They use a unique and proprietary weighting system that involves specially designed disks so that the blanket has a low profile and doesn’t look any different than a regular quilt. Hippo Hug quilts are hand-made and come in a wide variety of weights and sizes.

Hippo Hug weighted blankets are made in Calgary, Alberta by sewing two layers of batting together to create channels, then individual weights are dropped into the channels and seams sewn in the opposite direction. Once the weights are added the fabric of your choice is quilted on to the batting, resulting in three strong seams between each weight. Then the weighted blanket is finished off by binding with a coordinating color using a machine stitch to ensure a strong hold.

Visit Hippo Hug!


Calgary Baby & Tot Show

Takes place September 21, 9:30am to 5:30pm & September 22, 11am to 5pm. Calgary Baby & Tot Show - for bump, baby & beyond. Enjoy over 100 exhibits, interactive play areas, educational areas, educational seminars, new and exciting products, enjoy Bob the Builder on the main stage, and meet and greet with Rubble from Paw Patrol! Admission is Free for children 12 and under. Visit the website for discount tickets! (Don't forget to say hi - we have a booth there this year! - CCM)


Fall Hiking Necessities for Families

An autumn hike in Alberta’s Rockies can lead you through three different seasons in the course of a day. Weather can be very hard to predict, and as October approaches, the days get shorter. But your family can still enjoy some amazing Fall color hikes with a bit of careful planning and paying extra attention to safety.


Strange (but Normal!) Things Babies Do

At some point, every new parent wonders: ‘Is my baby supposed to do that? Is this normal?’ Morgan Shandler recalls several moments of new mama anxiety during the first few weeks home with her daughter Violet, who is now a busy one-year- old. “One thing that particularly freaked me out was when Violet would bob her head when attempting to nurse. It almost looked like she was having a seizure or like she was a broken-down robot,” says Shandler. “But my paediatrician assured me it was a completely normal part of ‘rooting’ for the breast.”


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