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Spring 2021 Issue

What is there to do in the slushy season between the snow and summer fun? We've got help to keep Calgary's parents from going stir crazy!


Our annual summer camp & program directory is the 'go to' guide for parents looking for information about summer recreation for their children.  Our bump, baby & toddler directory has everything growing families will need!


Grandparents are more involved in their families than they have been in generations! Modern grandparents are vibrant and full of energy, more likely to be rock climbing than rocking in the corner! Look for a new feature in our Spring Edition just for grandparents!



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Vaccination Information

You're eligible to receive a vaccine if you belong to one of these groups:

Register online with Alberta Health or with your local pharmacy for an appointment. Please be patient and kind - demand is high and everyone is working hard to get us through this process! 



Window & Balcony Safety

provided by Calgary EMS

With the return of warmer weather, The City of Calgary Emergency Medical Services would like to remind parents of an often overlooked hazard in the home. To bring fresh air into your house, or to cool off in hot weather, we naturally think of opening a window. However, open windows can present a serious safety hazard for young children. Every year, Calgary paramedics respond to emergencies in the home where a child has fallen from an open window – often from the second floor.


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