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Mid-Winter At Home Edition

Brrrr! Spring is coming (we promise) but first we have to get through a few more weeks of winter! With so many activities still off the table, what is there to do to keep everyone happy and entertained?

We have dozens and dozens of easy, cheap (or free) activity ideas both inside and out in our Mid-Winter At Home Edition, plus contests, recipes, mental health and relationship advice and much more!

We're proud to bring you local content that's just for you - no doomscrolling required!


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It's Time to Bundle Up and LOVE WINTER!

Sponsored by the City of Calgary

It is easy to take for granted (especially right now) that Calgary is widely regarded as one of the best cities to enjoy winter. There are an incredible variety of winter activities that are only possible in cities with our weather. We’re a world-class destination for athletes, tourists and outdoors enthusiasts from all over the world! Do your best to look at Calgary like a visitor would and appreciate the unique beauty of our winter city.

Feeling inspired? Share all of your winter adventures with #lovewinterYYC on social media and inspire others to make it their best season yet. Find tons more great winter activity ideas at! Stay positive. Test negative.


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