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Spring 2021 Issue

What is there to do in the slushy season between the snow and summer fun? We've got help to keep Calgary's parents from going stir crazy!


Our annual summer camp & program directory is the 'go to' guide for parents looking for information about summer recreation for their children.  Our bump, baby & toddler directory has everything growing families will need!


Grandparents are more involved in their families than they have been in generations! Modern grandparents are vibrant and full of energy, more likely to be rock climbing than rocking in the corner! Look for a new feature in our Spring Edition just for grandparents!



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The Calgary Zoo will take you back in time to when dinosaurs reigned supreme with its newest exhibit, “Dinosaurs: Awakened”.


The exhibit, designed to educate, as well as entertain, encourages visitors to go on an immersive journey through the newly designed Prehistoric Park to experience what it may have been like to roam the Earth with the dinosaurs, while inspiring action to prevent the loss of endangered species today  - a key component of the vital conservation work the Calgary Zoo does both locally and globally. Book your tickets today!



Calgary's Secret Circus

Provided by Green Fools Circus

When you think of circus you might imagine a midway with a big top, games, and popcorn. Or maybe you think of Cirque De Soleil. Tight rope walkers! Aerialists! Jugglers!

Did you know that there is a circus company right here in Calgary? Green Fools Theatre has been around for almost thirty years and is focused on helping children through circus. Beginning as a performance company, Green Fools then started teaching circus at festivals. Then in Northern Alberta. Then as far away as Africa! All of these experiences led to bringing circus back to Calgary children! But what is it that’s so great about circus?


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