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One Perfect Day in the Badlands

by Allison Percival, Calgary's Child Magazine

Most Calgarians have visited the Badlands at least once – this incredible, unique geological formation stretches all the way down to Arizona. It’s home to unique plant and animal life, rich natural resources, incredible rock formations – and, at least in our part of the Badlands, some world-class hospitality.

If you’re new to the foothills region (or maybe just haven’t made it out of town in a while!) you might not know what makes the Badlands so special. With school back in session and work ramping up for the fall, your vacation time might be over; but, that doesn’t mean you can’t explore the many wonderful and unique Albertan treasures right in your backyard on a Saturday! We’ve put together our One Perfect Day in the Badlands for those of us who haven’t had the chance to explore its highlights and are looking for something special to do on the weekend with their families. Watch for a full-length feature in our November/December 2018 issue for a more in-depth itinerary including even more things you can see and do in the area if you’d like to explore beyond the typical stops!


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