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Dog Days of Summer

One of the outcomes of the pandemic is families focusing on getting outdoors more; going for hikes, bike rides, exploring Kananaskis or even exploring their own neighborhoods. But sometimes parents need something to be organized for them. It’s exhausting raising kids, figuring out how to work from home, and being a 24/7 event planner. Thankfully, many venues and events around Calgary have begun to reopen, incorporating strict cleaning and physical distancing measures for the safety of everyone. Here are just a few that (as of publication - we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves) are open and available for families to explore.

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Try a Walk on the Wild Side!

Read on for five fun suggestions for things to do with the kids this summer as you seek to entertain the troops.

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Messy Summer Fun! 17 Indoor and Outdoor Activities on the Cheap

Summer is here, and you know what that means, right? Long, unstructured days punctuated by “I'm bored” and “There’s nothing to do,” which really means kids are tired of doing all of the same things and they crave new activities they can feel excited about. This is the perfect opportunity for messy fun to swoop in for the emotional rescue this summer. After all, what could be more festive than a little bit of parent-approved pandemonium? So never fear, because the key to milking the most fun out of any summer is including more messy fun in the mix.

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Hit the Trails! Three Family-Friendly Bike Trails for any Skill Level

According to The City of Calgary’s website, Calgary has the most extensive urban pathway network in North America, with 984 kilometres of regional pathways and 96 kilometres of trails that connect communities, parks, and natural areas across the city. Whether you want to take your toddler for their first tricycle ride, cruise a safe pathway with your six- to 10-year-old, or rack up the kilometres with your experienced teen, there’s a path out there for you.

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