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10 indoor Winter Activity Ideas

During the winter months, parenting can get a lot more challenging. You are stuck inside more often, and it gets dark early. Here is a list of activities you can use to entertain your children during long, bitterly cold days.

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It's Cold - Get Out and Play Anyway!

Do you feel like it’s the same old boring thing year after year? After the beauty of Fall fades, the next frigid season creeps in slowly. A season that makes some of the world’s most resilient animals think, ‘Yeah, no, gonna sleep through this one!’ I’m talking about winter. 

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How to Start a Family Book Club

Family reading is just one of the few activities you can do with your loved ones right now. If your family is enjoying book-reading this winter, why not make it even more special and meaningful? A family book club is a fun and simple way to share a love of reading and foster critical-thinking skills.

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Beat the Boredom with Slime-Making Bins

Homemade slime has gained much popularity. It is cheap to make, and it is a whole lot of fun! You can easily create a homemade slime-making bin to entertain your kids at home any time. I have several ‘beat the boredom’ bins at home to keep the kids occupied while social distancing.

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