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Ages 0-5

Magical milk maker? Secrets to easier breastfeeding

Have you ever wondered how your breasts make breastmilk and what you can do to ensure a robust milk supply throughout your breastfeeding journey? 

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Balancing your time at the NICU when you have kids at home

Having one baby is busy enough. Add in the fact that this is not your first baby and your new little one needs to spend time at the hospital in the NICU, and now your world has just been turned upside down. So, how do you balance all you need to do when you are being pulled in different directions? Here are some practical tips for when you find yourself juggling a baby in the NICU and demands from regular life at home.

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Play ideas to keep toddlers busy

What should you do when your toddler or preschooler is bored that doesn’t cost a lot of time, money, set-up or clean-up? There are many exciting things you can do!

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Playtime baskets with baby

When it comes to your baby, I want you to remember that you are your baby's most important toy. Babies have an absorbent mind in that they are soaking up everything around them effortlessly. Maria Montessori discovered that children are in the unconscious absorbent mind phase during the first three years of life. They can absorb vast amounts of information effortlessly without any awareness of what is actually happening. Children learn by mimicking us - their parents and caregivers - during those first years. So keep in mind that you are, in fact, your baby's most important toy; interacting with your child is how they learn.

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