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Ages 0-5

Serve-and-Return: Keeping the Ball in the Air

Have you heard of ‘serve-and-return’ interactions and wondered what they are? They are back-and-forth interactions between you and your child - much like a game of tennis or volleyball, where the goal is to keep the ball in the air.

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The Mindful New Parent - Seven Things Every Baby Needs to Thrive

Just as a vitamin or a mineral deficiency can lead to problems later in life, if we want to raise happy, confident children, parents need to focus on fulfilling the basic needs every baby has from birth onward. And babies are not the only ones with needs. Every person longs to experience these seven feelings from the day we are born until the day we leave this world. By identifying the desires you have in common with your baby, you can become a more mindful parent.

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How to Survive the Elementary School Years

At every stage of development, parents face new challenges and the elementary school years are no different. Read on for some tips to help you through this adventurous but trying stage.

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Baby Quirks: Strange (but Normal!) Things Babies Do

Every new parent at some point wonders: Is my baby supposed to do that? Is this normal? Morgan Shandler recalls several moments of new mama anxiety during the first few weeks home with her daughter, who is now a busy one-year-old. “One thing that particularly freaked me out was when Violet would bob her head when attempting to nurse. It almost looked like she was having a seizure or like she was a broken-down robot,” says Shandler. “But my paediatrician assured me it was a completely normal part of ‘rooting’ for the breast.”

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