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9 Ways to Promptly Pay Off Your Sleep Debts

Do you ever wish taking naps could be considered cool? Unfortunately, our power-parent culture seems to have regulated naps to babies, hospital patients, and to the elderly. Well, the heck with all of that! Once you declare naps hip, trendy, and fashionable, you won’t deny yourself crucial sleep recovery. Recent studies indicate a high likelihood new parents are not merely overtired but are completely exhausted.

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What Teens (And Adults) Need to Know About Domestic and Dating Violence

When we hear statistics about domestic and partner violence, most people swear they’d never allow a romantic partner to mistreat them. Yet many teens and adults find themselves caught in an endless cycle of abuse that worsens over time. It then becomes extremely difficult to break free. For too many, it also becomes life-threatening. The problem is that most abusive relationships don’t start out that way, which is how even very independent people can find themselves at the mercy of an abusive partner. Abuse can exist in romantic relationships of all kinds and between many different types of people. What are the early signs to look for, what constitutes abuse, and when and how do you walk away from an abusive or potentially dangerous relationship?

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Relaxed, Refreshed, and Ready for Anything: Half a Day Away for Mom

A mom can get burned out mentally, physically, and emotionally from trying to juggle it all. A busy schedule with a lack of downtime is often the culprit, leaving mom feeling raw, reactive, and even desperate. Does a half-day to yourself sound impossible? Maybe not! Half a day away adds up to just six hours of you-time. If your kids are school-age, six hours is the length of a school day anyway, making a half-day retreat the perfect chance for you to slip away.

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Mental and Physical Health Lifesavers for the Brand-New Mom

The first year of motherhood forever changes you. Having some ideas on how to navigate things you will inevitably come up against as a brand-new mom can make the transition smoother. Here are my top five pieces of advice to help you thrive.

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