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Common Childhood Rashes and What to do About Them

Alarmed by that angry red rash splashed across your child’s body? Rashes run the spectrum, signalling anything from a mild viral infection to a chronic or even life-threatening illness. Since the list of rashes and their causes is extensive, you may wonder what’s what and when to call the doctor.

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Digital Eye Strain: Causes and Solutions

Getting outdoors, enjoying the fresh air, and taking time to play; these things are crucial to maintaining your child’s overall health, including their eyes. When looking at close-up objects, such as a screen, tablet, or phone, eyes contract and converge. This causes the eye muscles to work harder, and then experience digital eye strain. But taking the time to play outdoors allows the eye muscles to focus on things farther away, relax, and rest. In fact, recent research shows for every one additional hour children spend outside, their odds of developing myopia (nearsightedness) goes down by about 14 percent.

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Brush Up on Your Child's Dental Care

With dental disease continuing to be a significant public health problem in children, brushing with fluoride toothpaste and flossing are still effective preventive measures to reduce cavities in children. But for something that sounds so straightforward to do, it isn’t. As if brushing itself isn’t a large enough hurdle to get over, let’s not forget about flossing to get in between your child’s teeth.

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Eye Care for Kids

We chatted with Dr. Kim Bugera, Edmonton optometrist and Chair of the Children’s Vision Committee at the Alberta Association of Optometrists, about the things doctors of optometry see most often when performing children’s eye exams. Here’s what you need to know.

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