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Zika, Travel, and Pregnancy - From Alberta Health Services

Albertans love to travel to hot places to escape our cold winters. Direct flights to Mexico, the Caribbean and the like mean that in just a few hours, we can go from -20°C to +30°C and trade our winter boots and mittens for flip-flops and sunscreen. But what about the Zika virus? If you’re pregnant or planning a pregnancy, is it safe to visit these warmer countries? What do you need to know before you go?

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Planning Holiday Meals Around Special Diets

When most people think of the holidays, visions of festive foods dance in their heads. And if you’re hosting this holiday, you undoubtedly want to create a special dinner for family and friends. The only problem is that you’re likely to have at least one guest with a special diet. Millions of people have some kind of food allergy and others have changed their diets to combat heart disease, diabetes, or cancer. And still others are trying special diets like plant-based and Paleo. If you hope to be the host with the most, creating a meal to satisfy everyone can be stressful. Never fear! The following 10 tips have you covered. They include practical, easy ways to make any holiday dinner a hit.

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Is Your Child Too Sick to Go to School?

It is sometimes quite difficult to know if a mildly ill child should be kept home from school or when a recovering child should be sent back. The decision is made more difficult when alternate childcare arrangements have to be made, or when a parent must stay home from work to care for the child. This article will outline some common scenarios and will offer some guidelines to follow in making that decision.

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Sports Mouthguards for Kids

With the start of Fall comes sports for kids, and you may be considering a mouthguard for your child. Read on for Dr. Gage’s professional recommendations of mouthguards, and what type of mouthguard is right for your child to ensure their physical safety.

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