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Early Years

Understanding your child’s IPP

Receiving an Individualized Program Plan (IPP) from your child’s teachers can be overwhelming. However, it’s worth putting in the effort to understand as the document offers a treasure trove of valuable strategies created specifically for your child by a team of experts. IPPs are not just a school document that helps a child’s education team. They can also be used as a guide for how you can align with that approach and implement the effective tactics in your home to help your kiddo succeed in every facet of life.

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3 Montessori-Inspired Activities You Can do at Home

The fundamental skills your child learns in their early years help set them up for success with their future reading and writing. However, this doesn’t just include learning the alphabet and writing words. There is more to preparing your child for literacy success and it all starts with setting a solid foundation.

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Winter Wonderland Sensory Play

You and your little one can easily recreate the magic of freshly fallen snow from the comfort and warmth of home! (Even better, you likely have all the materials you need in your pantry.)

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Boost Your Child's Language Skills

Whether it’s “mama,” “dada,” or “uh-oh!” everyone gets excited about baby’s first word! But what about the words that come afterward? Building a child’s vocabulary is never quite as exciting as those first words, but it is no less important. Children start by building their receptive language, the language they hear and understand. Their expressive language refers to the language they can produce. Both are important not only for the ability to communicate but for academic success, as well. Having a great vocabulary is the first step in literacy and can give them many essential tools.

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