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Early Years

Is My Child Kindergarten-Ready?

All parents want their child to do well in school. Too many parents think that preparing their preschoolers for Kindergarten simply involves their child knowing their ABC’s, numbers, and colors; they couldn’t be more wrong. Here’s a checklist of skills your four-year-old should be able to do by the time they enter Kindergarten. If your child does not have the above skills right now, don’t panic! But it is time to get to work before September. Your child can accomplish a lot of these skills with time and patience on your part.

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Summer Learning for the Preschool Crowd

Your three- or four-year-old is done preschool for the year, but isn’t old enough for summer camp. How can you keep the learning and development flowing over the summer so that your child is ready to hit the ground running for preschool or Kindergarten in September?

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Playtime Unplugged

It’s no secret that today’s fast-paced lifestyle leaves many of us feeling as if we’re running on a never-ending treadmill. We’re pressured to over-schedule, overdo, and overspend. It takes a conscious effort to simplify and allow time for quiet and reflection in our adult lives. No wonder our children mirror our overly-busy lives, often to their emotional detriment. Their days may be too full of scheduled activities to allow time for healthy, unstructured play, and play is the childhood equivalent of work; it needs to happen. There’s power in your child’s unstructured, unplugged, creative play.

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All Ears? Nine Games to Tune Up Listening Skills

Ever notice how your kids tune you out just when you need them to listen to you the most? While listening is critical in communication, this skill is one of the most difficult to master and the least taught. From toddlers to teens, make learning to listen fun by playing games that will help your kids tune in. 

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