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Early Years

As Simple as ABC? How You Can Help Your Child With Reading

It’s back-to-school time! Often, as parents, we are pleased to settle into familiar routines and see our child back in the classroom ready to learn with the care and support of their new teacher. We may wonder about our role at home: How do we, as parents or caregivers, complement our child’s learning in school?

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Playtime: 4 Ways to Set the Stage for Creativity

What word comes to mind when you think of your child at play? Did you say ‘toys’? If you did, your answer is very common. Perhaps a better way, however, to think of play is through the word ‘activity.’What will your child do as he plays? What will your child say as she pretends?

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Daycare or Preschool: 
Peaceful Good-Byes

Heading off to daycare or preschool, and leaving mommy or daddy behind for the first time is a colossal milestone in a child’s life. There is no exact method for figuring out which child will happily wave and run off to play and which one will take one look at the new surroundings and superglue himself to a parent’s leg. If yours is one of those superglue kids, here are some ideas to help him loosen his grip and enjoy his new experience.

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5 Ways to Get Ready to Read

Who can forget their child’s first word. Was it your name? A favorite object? It’s pretty exciting stuff, and it feels natural to celebrate, praise and applaud our toddlers as they acquire new language skills daily. A parent’s enthusiasm, in turn, reinforces a child’s desire to speak additional words. However, psychologist Bob McMurray says parents stop emphasizing language as their kids leave toddlerhood. Since a preschool child’s vocabulary is a critical predictor of school preparedness and reading comprehension, it is important parents do what they can to boost it.

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