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Sports & Fitness

20 questions parents can ask to teach good sportsmanship

As summer approaches, tweens and teens with growing independence tend to spend more time on the field, in the pool, or being active in other sports. Participating in team sports is an excellent way for youth to develop new skills, become good team players, and build new relationships with others. Youth have a strong and normal need to experience a sense of belonging with their peers, and team sports provide this kind of experience. 

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5 ways to improve confidence in your young athlete

You may be tempted to shower your child with positive comments about their sports ability, but use caution. Comments and compliments should be sincere and straightforward. 

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I quit! the reluctant athlete

When I was growing up, the extent of my athletic experience was whatever the gym teacher made me do twice a week when I put on my goofy blue gym uniform. 

I hated it! How times have changed!

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Solo sports for introverted and shy kids

There’s no doubt that team sports offer an array of benefits to kids. Team sports provide opportunities for kids to develop friendships, work as a team, problem-solve, learn good sportsmanship skills, and more. But team sports aren’t for everyone. Many kids, particularly those who are introverted or shy, lack interest in or struggle with team sports. When kids aren’t into team sports, parents often get caught up in an endless battle - with their kids kicking and screaming all the way to every practice and game.

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