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Sports & Fitness

Sports Specialization

While sports can provide a multitude of emotional and physical benefits for kids, specializing in a single sport at too early of an age can pose risks. How do you know when - or if - your child should specialize in a sport they love?

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Non-Competitive Sports & Activities for Your Pre-Teen

Every child deserves a positive sport and movement experience, one that meets their needs and brings them joy. Being active and engaged is an essential part of a pre-teen’s growth and development, positively impacting their mental and physical well-being. But what do you do if your pre-teen who doesn’t want or shies away from the pressures or commitment of a competitive sport? What if it’s just not the right fit for your child?

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Sports for All Sorts

Youth sports offer a host of emotional and physical benefits, from helping kids stay active to building self-esteem and learning to work with others. But knowing which sport is best for your child often depends on your youngster’s personality, as well as the time and money you’re willing to invest in a particular activity.

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What Do You Know about Modern Fencing?

Modern fencing is the Olympic and Paralympic sport where athletes compete in one of three disciplines named after the ‘sword’: foil, epee, or sabre. This, of course, is not a sword or a weapon, but modern sporting equipment derived from historical predecessors. The basic goal of fencing is to score a point while avoiding a ‘touch’ from your opponent.

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