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Sports & Fitness

Be the sports parent your kid can be proud of

Playing team sports is an important milestone in many children’s lives. Team sports teach discipline, appropriate behavior in winning and losing, the importance of physical exercise, self-confidence, and more. Additionally, parents play an important role in the learning curve because kids take cues from their parents on what’s appropriate behavior and what’s not.

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Extracurricular activities help children build skills for life

We all want the very best for our children. It is sometimes hard to know how many extra activities we should do and how many are too much. As we navigate the many competing demands of life, we need to remember what we want for our children long-term.

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Game on! Finding the right sport for your little sport

We all want our kids to be healthy. And part of staying fit is staying active. Sports are a great way to keep kids moving while building their social bonds and building their self-confidence. As a child, if you were outgoing and loved soccer, that may now be your go-to choice for your child – but maybe they are more interested in swimming or tennis. So which sport do you choose for them?

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Is your child in the right sports program?

Helping a child develop a life-long love of sport is a valuable gift. The right sports camp or program will define a child’s interest in sports during their growing years, and provide a positive experience that they will always carry with them.

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