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Sports & Fitness

How to teach what it means to be a good sport

We've all seen it – the parent standing on the sidelines criticizing the decisions made by coaches and officials, yelling at their own child for making a mistake, hurling rude remarks at the opposing team, or always placing blame. In some cases, these parents have even gotten into brawls.

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Let’s try fencing!

Fencing is a little-known sport in Canada, but it’s a sport with an amazing history! Canada is rising on the international scene. Here are a few cool facts about fencing you probably didn’t know:

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Handling disappointment when they don’t make the team

Being part of a team is a great experience for kids and helps them build social skills, make friends, and build confidence. However, when your child tries out for the team and doesn’t make it, this can cause a lot of disappointment and feelings of inadequacy. 

The reality is, there are only so many open spaces on a team and some make it and some don’t. How can parents support and encourage their child when they don’t make the team, get a part in the school play, or get the part they wanted in the school band?

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Be the sports parent your kid can be proud of

Playing team sports is an important milestone in many children’s lives. Team sports teach discipline, appropriate behavior in winning and losing, the importance of physical exercise, self-confidence, and more. Additionally, parents play an important role in the learning curve because kids take cues from their parents on what’s appropriate behavior and what’s not.

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