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Sports & Fitness

What Do You Know about Modern Fencing?

Modern fencing is the Olympic and Paralympic sport where athletes compete in one of three disciplines named after the ‘sword’: foil, epee, or sabre. This, of course, is not a sword or a weapon, but modern sporting equipment derived from historical predecessors. The basic goal of fencing is to score a point while avoiding a ‘touch’ from your opponent.

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8 Things you Need to Know Before Taking Your Kids Skiing

The idea of skiing with your kids may feel daunting. But, as the parents I interviewed for this piece agreed, it’s worth it. With a lot of planning (and maybe a little bribery) it’s totally do-able. Here are some things to consider before hitting the slopes.

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Sports Benefit Kids - Here's How

It is difficult to figure out activities for your children: How many activities should you and your children commit to? Which activities will your children enjoy doing? How will these activities benefit your kids? There are many options when it comes to extracurricular activities that it can be hard to choose, but you should always look to your kids and take note of their personal interests to help guide your decisions.

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Give Sports a Chance!

Growing up, I pretty much failed at every athletic endeavor I tried... anything I was introduced to in PE class which resembled a sport, that cringe- worthy summer of softball, and those two hilarious years of ballet and tap. You’d think I’d try to steer my kids away from sports but instead, I do what I can to encourage them to give sports a try.

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