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Ages 11-17

Improving communication with your teen

“Mom please stop interrogating me.”


My daughter says this to me more often than I care to admit. I ask a lot of questions because she does not give me much information. So I’m left wondering, how could I change?

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When is my child ready to be left home alone?

The law is often unclear about this. From a parenting perspective, the answer to this question lies with you and your child. There is no magic number when every child in your home will be ready. It requires a group of skills that need to be taught over time. This article will help you sort through the pieces of the puzzle and put them together in a way that fits for each child in your family.

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Positive Parenting Strategies for the Teen Years

As your children learn new life rules and lessons during the teen years, you need to adapt your parenting techniques.

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Preventing the Pandemic Blues in Tw/eens

Unfortunately, the pandemic and its consequences are still with us. But you can practice safety protocols, rigorous self-care, love your neighbor and, yes, support your tw/een who has little control over their new reality. Read on for some suggestions on how to prevent the pandemic blues in your tw/een.

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