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Happy and Successful Kids Life Skill: Taking on Challenges

Everyone, adults and children, live with some level of stress. After all, life is full of challenges. For adults, these challenges might be financial pressures, relationship or marital problems, job-related issues, and the like. The pressures in children’s lives may seem minor to adults, but these pressures are very real to our kids. Will they deal with their challenges head on, avoid them, or cope with them, passively?

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The New Resolution: How to Teach Your Kids to Resolve Their Own Conflicts

Mommy, he took my toy!” “Get out of the bathroom already! Argh!” “I can’t believe her, she unfriended me!” Sound familiar? If you’re the parent of a toddler, tween or teen, you’ve likely heard some variation of these recently. These distress calls, while not the most pleasant sounds of parenting, are heard from children of all ages during disputes with siblings, friends and, yes, even their parents.

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Encouraging the Volunteer Spirit?

Volunteering, or the newer term, “community engagement,” is about aligning your passion with a social need to create change. At what age should your child begin volunteering? “Stephen’s Backpacks” began when a five-year-old heard there were children who had no home. Sutton Garner co-founded “I Can for Kids” at 11 years old when she learned that over the summer months, many children go hungry. One years old is never too young to begin practicing kindness.

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Three Science-Backed, Simple Hacks to Get Your Kids to School on Time

You’ve made the kids’ lunches the night before. The kids have picked out their school outfits and laid them out before lights out. Backpacks are ready and waiting by the front door. Your younger kids have a picture schedule. Your older kids are capable of telling time. Everyone knows what they need to do and when they need to do it in order to get to school on time. It should be simple but somehow, it’s not. Despite your best planning, you’re rushing - maybe even yelling - as you herd people toward the front door. Not only are you stressed, but your kids are late. Again.

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