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The keys to success

When you think of success in adulthood, what do you think of? The answer to this question may be different for everyone, but there are likely some common themes that arise. A successful adult can function independently and plan ahead; has self-control during triggering situations; can create a healthy, daily routine and remember important details and tasks; problem solve and goal plan effectively; and can be flexible and adapt to challenges or changes within their environment. All these skills are what conventionally and in a foundational way define a “successful adult,” also known as executive function skills. 

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Peer pressure: what it is and how to combat it

If I showed you a line and asked which of three other lines were the same length, there is a high probability you would choose the correct answer. Now imagine I put several other people in the room with you, asked the same question, and everyone in the group gave the exact same answer – which was different from yours. Would you change your answer?

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The pros and cons of filling your child’s schedule

Extracurricular activities can bring amazing gifts to our kids. Some parents follow the guidelines of one artistic activity and one physical activity for each child. Other parents favor the free play idea – that kids will get what they need on their own.

Parents often ask me, “how many extracurricular activities are right for my child?” There is no correct answer on this one – or, more realistically, there is a correct answer for every child in every family. Let’s explore:

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The foster parent journey

Imagine coming home from school and not knowing what or who you were going to find when you walked through the doors of what is supposed to be your safe place. 

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