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Lessons to Raise Money-Smart Kids

When it comes to teaching financial literacy, you play a vital role in how your kids will manage their money in the future. Here are ways to raise smart money managers.

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The 5 Rs of Long-Distance Grandparenting

Most long-distance grandparents will agree that you don’t have to live in the same city to play a huge role in the life of your grandchildren. Yes, you might be sad that your grandkids don’t live close by or can’t see them right now, but you can still create a special and lasting relationship with some planning. Here’s how.

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Dealing with the ever-changing news about COVID-19

Provided by Parenting Power

As novel as this particular virus is, dealing with scary news or uncertain situations happens often and we thought you would appreciate a refresher on sharing important details with your family without scaring your kids.

Kids read our emotions

Children are very good at reading our emotions so if news of the virus has got you worried, plan to talk with your kids about it. Otherwise, they may start attributing your mood to something that they have done:

Why is mom worried? Maybe I’ve done something wrong?
Is Dad mad at me? He hasn’t stopped frowning for days.

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10 Steps to Squash Sibling Rivalry

Whether they arrive in the family biologically, through adoption or remarriage, kids don’t get to choose their siblings. With diverse personalities collected under one roof, it’s no wonder siblings have antagonized each other - and aggravated their parents - since the beginning of time. Instead of losing your cool with your clashing kids, try a few of these tips to enjoy a more harmonious household and teach valuable life skills in the process.

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