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Getting kids to pitch in (without the whining)

We have all been there: the house is a mess, there are toys everywhere, dishes piling up, laundry hampers overflowing…

At this point, it’s just faster for you to do all of the work yourself than to ask your kids for help and hear the endless, “why do we have to do this?” and “it’s too hard!” protests.

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Contemplating divorce? How to tell the kids

The decision to restructure a family is never easy. Here’s some thoughts to guide you in navigating the first steps, including sharing the situation with the children.

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Parenting from the gut

Some of the best mistakes we ever make arise when we go with our gut. 

That person you should not have dated – you learned a lot about what you want in a relationship there! That investment you made without really doing any research. You took a financial bath on that one, but learned to invest based on research and good advice, not on a Subreddit comment section. 

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Strengthening the bond between grandparents and their grandchildren

Growing up, I had a close relationship with my grandparents and have wonderful memories of our time together. My grandma loved to teach me about plants, to play card games, and to cook together. My grandpa took me camping, fishing, and was always sneaking us extra dessert. Grandparents and their grandchildren have a special bond. This will look different for each family, but there are some ways you can strengthen the bond between you and your grandchildren.

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