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Preschool & Kindergarten

How to Pick a Pre-Kindergarten Program

With hundreds of pre-kindergarten programs to choose from in the Calgary area, the options can be overwhelming for most parents. The bottom line: finding the program that works best for you and your child requires research. The best place to start is by asking questions. If possible, attend an open house, or arrange for a visit. Find out everything you can about the school. Don’t forget to take into consideration things such as convenience, class times, fees, location, field trips and excursions, and recommendations from other parents, types of toys and equipment available, etc.

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Transitioning to Kindergarten

For many parents, Kindergarten signals an important transition from the all-consuming baby and toddler years. Suddenly, your ‘baby’ is expected to make more choices on their own, stay focused over a longer period of time, learn new skills, and navigate a social circle with less oversight from you. Plan ahead to pave the road to a happier Kindergarten transition for all. 

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Is Your Child “Kindergarten Ready?” What They Need to Know

The Good Old Days: I began teaching first grade back in the dark ages: the decade of the 1960s. Back then, many children didn’t attend Kindergarten, and those who did spent their days at play stations where they painted, dressed up, pretended to cook meals, and built tall walls with blocks. Their day was rounded out with story times, a snack, and a nap.

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Preparing for Kindergarten

The summer has passed by more quickly than you thought, and now you may be panicking because you are sending a child to Kindergarten. Are they ready? Are you ready? Kindergarten is one of the largest milestones in a young child’s life, and you want to ensure you and your child transition smoothly. 

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