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Weekend Adventures

Hit the trails with these 10 family-friendly winter hikes

You don’t have to invest in snowshoes to get out for an easy family-friendly hike this winter. Many trails are well packed down and straightforward to follow year-round. Visit a frozen waterfall, stop to build a snowman, and don’t forget to make at least a few snow angels along the way. You might find your kids even prefer hiking when there’s snow on the ground.

Below are some of my family’s favorite winter hiking trails:

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Exploring Calgary’s Chinatown

In the heart of Calgary, families can discover a vibrant community where traditions, flavors, and community spirit come together in perfect harmony: Calgary Chinatown. In 2024, this dynamic neighborhood is brimming with exciting activities and experiences for families to enjoy. From immersing yourself in rich Chinese cultural experiences to sampling a wide variety of regional cuisines, Calgary Chinatown has it all.

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Fun free-wheeling fall bike rides

Cycling in and around Calgary is enjoyable for so many reasons – big nature, awe-inspiring vistas, peaceful river pedals, fresh air, the physical challenge, and so many destinations to discover along the way. Here are a few of my favorite fall rides to celebrate the change of seasons.

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Plan the perfect fall picnic

Fall is a wonderful time of year to enjoy a picnic with friends and family. With cooler weather, there are no bugs or crowds and it’s easier to get a gorgeous picnic site! Whether you’re planning a small family gathering or group event, a little planning will ensure a successful outing.  

Here’s how to plan the perfect fall picnic in (and around) Calgary:


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