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Weekend Adventures

Top 5 unusual things to see in Alberta with kids

A road trip is one of the simplest and most economical family vacations. Whether your children are teenagers or infants, there are many amazing sites to see and explore in Alberta. The province is filled with natural and human made attractions that are unique in the world. Unusual sites can be a stop on the way to visit extended family and friends or they might be a destination in themselves.

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Beautiful family-friendly snowshoe trails near Calgary

Snowshoeing is an awesome winter activity for families, especially when you live in a place where it snows for half the year. Imagine floating on snow past marshmallow trees, to an alpine lake surrounded by snow capped peaks. Squirrels chitter in the trees and the kids laugh as snow drops from low branches (perhaps aided by a well-aimed snowball).

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Try camping this winter (no tent required)

My family loves camping year-round, but I draw a line at pitching a tent in a snow drift. Fortunately, there are several ways to enjoy winter camping in total comfort and warmth, and you might not even need a sleeping bag!

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The best family bike trails to ride around Kananaskis and Canmore

My family loves exploring on our bikes and we’ve discovered many fun trails to ride around Kananaskis and Canmore, some paved, and others perfect for beginner mountain biking. Below are our favorite trails and areas to bike from Calgary as a day trip or while camping near the city.

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