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Weekend Adventures

5 easy steps to planning a successful hike with the grandparents

Grandparents love to be included in family outings and many fit seniors enjoy hiking near Calgary. To make a hike enjoyable with extended family members though, I have discovered a few things that greatly contribute to a successful outing.

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Family camping trips - How to make the most of your getaway

Camping is the ultimate in outdoor family fun and is loaded with benefits for parents and kids alike. It provides adventure and unlimited opportunities to experience the great outdoors. It's also an excellent way for kids to learn about nature, from plants and animals to the weather and skies. Historical landmarks and different regions offer lessons in history. And parents get a break from the daily responsibilities of life and a little relaxation. Not to mention, it's an affordable way for families to vacation.

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10 tips for staying safe on your next family hike

An early spring hike can lead you through three different seasons in a day. Weather can be hard to predict, and trails will often be snow covered or icy through March and April. But your family can still enjoy some fun hikes with a bit of careful planning and paying extra attention to safety.

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Calgary’s best winter walks to cool spots

Glenbow Ranch: Trains, cattle, deer and ice cream

Alberta’s trademark, big, blue skies are a constant companion when you walk around Glenbow Ranch. And when the clouds roll in, the textures and patterns of the land juxtaposed to the blue backdrop draw your eyes high. The Chinook arch is especially impressive; its distinctive straight-line cloud formation and warm westerly winds provide welcome respite in mid-January. Be prepared: the winds can be fierce here, especially pre-Chinook, when gusts foreshadow the rise in temperatures.

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