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You Can Work at Home While Homeschooling

"Overwhelming," "stressful" and "challenging" are just a few words that can describe working from home while homeschooling your kids.

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Stand Up and Get Moving!

If you are choosing to homeschool your kids or continue with Distance Education during the pandemic, your kids may be tied to their desks more than they are used to this new school year. Your kids may become more stagnant unless you make sure they get the physical breaks they need to stay balanced and healthy throughout the day.

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Want to Homeschool but Don't Want to Teach?

This Spring, many of us enjoyed working from home in our pajama bottoms and having leisurely lunch with our kids, then turning them out on the streets with their bikes and skateboards while we got some work done. But many of us are facing indecision for Fall education. For various reasons, many of us do not want to send our children back to the classroom but need more options at home, especially if we don’t want to teach. Don’t worry, parents and caregivers, you have options!

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Homeschooling Driving You Crazy?

While becoming your child’s teacher these days can be very stressful, this may be a wonderful opportunity to turn chores into lesson plans.

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