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High school at home: options in Alberta

Do you have a child that needs to complete high school courses for their chosen career, but they require flexibility and personalization in their studies? Consider taking a high school program through home education. Children can home educate and receive supervised program funding up until they are 20 years old on September 1 of that year.

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Home education: a new unsupervised option

In 2020, 38,000 children (5 percent of the school-aged population) were home educated in Alberta by a parent or another adult. Home education in Alberta is defined as the parent or guardian exercising their right and responsibility to provide their child with an education. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the parent does the teaching. They can procure teaching from sources such as tutors, freelance teachers, co-ops or learning pods, relatives, childcare professionals or non-governmental online course providers.

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Explore Learning-at-Home Options

You may want your child to learn from home but due to work, travel, or other reasons, do not want to teach your child at home. We are lucky to live in Alberta where choice in education is enshrined in the Education Act and you have many education delivery choices. Read on for a list of choices and a guide to help you choose the best one for your unique learner.

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Homeschooling Tips

Are you considering homeschooling your kids? Maybe you tried it during the pandemic, enjoyed it, and would like to consider doing it full-time this year. Maybe you have felt called to homeschool your kids since they were born. However you have come to this decision to homeschool, it can be overwhelming at first.

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