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Summer Travel in Alberta

The arrival of summer usually means one thing: time to head out into the great outdoors and make the most of Canada’s fabulous natural spaces. However, with the world still in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, many family vacation plans have been cancelled or postponed due to border restrictions.

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Staycation Ideas on the Cheap

Vacation is a great way to escape the monotony and responsibilities of everyday life and to have fun, explore new places, and try new things. Unfortunately, traveling for vacation isn’t always realistic if money’s tight, you have time restrictions, or in unusual circumstances, such as stay-at-home orders during the pandemic. Despite such obstacles, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a refreshing break and memorable staycation!

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Road Trip! 17 Ways to Keep the Kids Happy

Road trips are fun. Road trips are exciting. But how to entertain the kids? It takes a bit of planning and some ingenuity to solve the problem of what to do during those long hours of driving. It helps to prepare some games and activities ahead of time because you know best what your kids love to do (and we all know it’s hard to sit still for long hours).

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Traveling with Small Children

I love to travel. Before becoming a proud parent of three darling cherubs everyone said to me, “Enjoy traveling now because once you have kids, you won’t be able to do it anymore.” Well, I proved all the naysayers wrong by hopping on that plane with three kids in tow - sometimes internationally. I didn’t let their age stop me either; they all flew before the age of two. It wasn’t always easy, though. In fact, it was downright disgusting at times but definitely worth it! I’m going to share some tips with you to save you the headache and messes I suffered traveling with kids in tow. Plus, I threw in a tip which will shower you with compliments - that’s not always easy to find, especially being a parent on an airplane. So buckle up, buttercup! You are about to hear extraordinary (and possibly humorous) international travel tricks with kids.

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