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The insider’s guide to choosing a summer camp

Today, there are camps to meet every interest, price range, and schedule. Knowing your options, as well as your child’s personality, will help you identify programs from which your child will benefit most.

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Ready, set, camp! 7 indicators your kids are eager for their first sleepaway adventure

It’s time to decide whether or not to send your kids to sleepaway camp, but how do you know what the right thing to do is? How can you tell whether your kids are ready for their first extended stay, away from home? You can’t know simply by how old they are. “There are some six-and seven-year-olds who march eagerly off to camp without a problem,” says Bob Ditter, a camp consultant who’s worked with sleepaway camps for more than four decades, “while some eleven-year-olds cower with a fear of becoming homesick.” Here are seven important signs that experts say should inform your decision.

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Myths and facts about camp

We are constantly barraged with information about camps – from emails, to headline news, to parents talking on the sidelines at little league. Sometimes, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. You will want to know what’s true and what’s not true as you answer the all-important question: What will I do with my kids this summer? To help guide you, here is a compiled list of myths versus facts about camps.

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Preparing your child for day camp: Essential steps for a smooth transition

You took the leap and signed your child up for day camp. You’re excited for them to experience days out playing in the sun, learning life skills, making friends, and exploring new places.

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