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Summer Camps: Canoes, Campfires, and Family Time

I knew I was doing something right when my young daughter exclaimed, “I love camping!” Grinning wide through a mouthful of pancakes, she was the most contented camper who ever dined at the tiny table of our weathered tent-trailer.

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Seven Ways Overnight Camp is Great for Kids

One of the great luxuries of my teaching career was spending summers with my children. My kids took field trips as part of their everyday life, spending the lazy days of summer in museums as often as swimming pools. But as my children grew, I always forfeited some of this special season to overnight camp. The benefits of camp go far beyond a simple vacation for parents. While it might be nice to have some time off parenting duty, your children’s time at camp is well spent. Here are seven ways camp can help your children grow.

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Things to Know When Booking Sleepaway Camp

You’ve gone online, asked everyone you know for recommendations, and otherwise searched for sleepaway camps for your kids. How do you find the one that’s just right for them? When you’ve narrowed down the options to a handful or less, it’s time to speak to the camp directors by phone or email. Below is a list of some of the most important questions to ask.

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Summer Camp Planning

Many summers, I would scramble to leave the newsroom by 4pm to pick my kids up from summer camp. Still, I would be one of the last parents in the camp pick-up line. When my kids complained, I wondered how other parents made their summer schedules work.

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