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Fostering healthy competition

You’ve probably heard the term “healthy competition” before. When compared to unhealthy competition, of course, we want our children engaged in the good side of it! But as a parent, do you know the signs of healthy versus unhealthy competition? Selecting sports and activities for children is a daunting exercise, and can be marked with your own personal experiences from your youth. But there are key components of competition that will create a sporting environment where your child will develop their skills and have fun.

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Helping kids find their inner calm

Like most parents, you may be rushing from place to place trying to maximize your time and fit everything into your day. Perhaps, as you pick one child up from their extracurricular activity, you plan what you are going to eat as you are driving home. Your mind is always on, and your list of responsibilities is never-ending as you do your best to remember school agendas, teacher meetings, work obligations and also try to schedule in a little self-care. This is normal! There are a few things you can try for yourself and introduce to your children to allow for more calm in your day. The truth is, you can do a lot more when you are calm, as it will allow for clarity.

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Sending kids to camp when they have anxiety

The weather is getting warmer and the snow is melting, bringing thoughts of spring and summer to mind. As we get excited for the snow to melt and leaves to sprout, it is the season for parents to begin to peruse the options of summer camps, especially now that they may be back at work in the workplace rather than at home. Since summer camps have not been as available for the past two summers, children may be more reluctant to leave home and try new experiences. 

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The power of nature play

The art of playing in nature has been lost for many of us. Our lives have become busy with many competing demands and expectations. We are busy with work, school, and structured extracurricular activities. When we have free time, we are staying in our homes and on screens at a higher frequency than ever before. These lifestyle changes have impacted child development.

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