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Summer Camps with Early Registration

Everybody's done it at least once. Life gets busy, you assume they won't fill up until June, and then suddenly - uh oh, all the summer programs are full! Why not get it off your list now? These camps have registration opening soon for summer 2020! 

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Winter Break Camps & PD Activities

Whether your kids are outdoors enthusiasts or like to keep busy and warm indoors, one thing is true: Parents are looking for all kinds of great ways to keep the kids busy over winter break.

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Kid-to-Kid Advice from Seasoned Campers

When we were kids, summer camp meant something different to us than it does to our children. For us, camp meant camp: cabins or tents, canoeing, hiking, singing songs around a campfire and general camaraderie. Children today are much more active, much more schedule-oriented and generally just busier. Consequently, the very dynamics of summer camp have changed. Camps offered now are much more focused and detail-oriented. There’s soccer camp, art camp, violin camp, space camp, leadership camp, palaeontology camp, etc. But there are some things about camp that truly haven’t changed: The general apprehension your son or daughter might feel the first time they attend camp. Here’s what seasoned camp veterans had to say to children that are going off to camp for the first time.

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DIY Day Camps for Active Kids

School’s out, the kids are already bored or attached to their electronic devices 24/7, and you’re suddenly regretting that decision not to enroll the kids in multiple weeks at day camp (at some point, you thought one week in August would be enough!). Here are my top suggestions for things to do with the kids this summer, your own DIY camp, as you seek to entertain the troops until school starts back up again. The best part? You won’t have to spend a lot on most of these activities or outings beyond basic transportation and the occasional ice cream cone or treat.

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