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Camp Confessions: She Was Ready for Camp, But Was I?

It was a beautiful summer day. My daughter Chelsea was 10 and after a week of hectic activity, we were finally ready for summer camp. I read out the items from the camp list: “Shorts? Check. T-shirts? Check. Rain gear? Check.” Everything she needed was stacked on her bed. Each piece of clothing now bore a label with her name. All of her clothing for camp was clean and folded. All Chelsea had to do now was put it in her duffel bag laid out exactly for that purpose.

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Picking the Right Sleepaway Camp

Considering a sleepaway camp for your child this summer? Here are a few tips to make the experience an adventure they’ll remember long after the campfire songs are mere echoes in their ears.

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8 Tips for Your First-Time Sleepaway Camper

here are few things more exciting in a kid’s life than their first experience at sleepaway camp. How do you prepare yourself and your kid for the big event? Drawing on my own experience as the parent of a teenage boy who’s a happy camper, as well as conversations with other parents who have sent a child to sleepaway camp, I’ve identified eight things you should do when sending your child to camp for the first time.

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7 Reasons You Should Consider Sending Your Child to Summer Camp

With your family’s summer calendar already filling up, it can be hard to try and squeeze in one more thing. But if you have never sent your child to summer camp, here are seven reasons why you should consider doing so.

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