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Teens need summer camp, too!

Summer camp seems the perfect summertime solution for elementary-age kids so they don’t sit around the house bored, and so they can make friends and learn new things while having fun. As our children grow out of their "little kid years," we sometimes forget they still need those kinds of experiences they had when they were younger, just in a different form. 

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Making the most of your camp budget

It’s no secret – kids’ camps are not cheap!


It can be hard for families on a budget to pull together enough money to send their kids to a quality camp. That’s why it is so important to do your homework and make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

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Preparing your nervous camper

Pictures of summer camp usually include laughing children playing games and sports outside in the sun. What isn’t shown are the worries and nervousness that almost every child experiences leading up to camp.

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Why you should look for an accredited camp

There are many questions on a parent’s mind when researching summer camps for their children. Will this camp offer activities they like? Will they make friends at this camp? Can I afford to send my child to this camp? 

While these are all important questions, the first question that needs to be asked should be “is this camp accredited?” 

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