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Theatre education: More than just performance

Theatre classes are often envisioned as the perfect extra-curricular activity for the imaginative, dramatic, spotlight loving child – and they are! Along with performance skills, theatre arts education poses a wealth of other benefits for all kinds of children including the development of transferable skills that can set youth up for success in many other areas of life. Every year we see all sorts of children participate in the theatre arts programming that we offer ranging from students who are shy and quiet to students who are outgoing and live for the spotlight. 

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10 reasons your teen might love being a camp counselor

Did your teenager love summer camp as a child? 

Do they need a job but can’t work during the school year because of homework and activities? Maybe you’re ready for your teen to get employment experience, but still have some carefree time outdoors away from electronics. Day or overnight camp is the perfect place for teens to transition to the world of the employed. The paycheque is nice, but being a camp counselor has other rewards, too.

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7 reasons parents should consider sending their child to camp

With summer calendars quickly filling up, it can be hard to try and squeeze in one more thing. But if you have never sent your kids to a summer camp, here are seven reasons why you should consider it!

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How to choose a summer camp you'll all love

Whether you're looking for enrichment for your child, a way to keep your kids occupied and supervised while you work, or need a short reprieve from parenting, there's sure to be a summer camp that's the right fit for your child and family.

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