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Kids camps are right around the corner – Are you ready?

Melting snow and longer days signals that time of year to pick kids activities for the spring and summer. For some parents it is an exciting time, but for others, I can see panic in their eyes. What activities should we pick? How do I know if it is a good fit for my child? What if the camp or sport we want to do is full? These are often the questions parents ask me at this time of year when making decisions about activities for their kids. 

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How to help your preschooler get excited about day camp

If you are looking for strategies to get your preschooler excited about day camp or another new experience, think about what helps you, as an adult, get excited for something new that’s about to happen in your life. Here is the secret formula: Value + Safety + Adventure.

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The benefits of becoming a summer camp leader

In 1997, I applied to be a Day Camp Counsellor at the newly opened Crowfoot YMCA (now the Melcor YMCA) and was fortunate enough to be part of the first summer day camp team (my camp name was “Summit”). I loved it so much that I was a returning leader for the next three summers with the YMCA, then led the summer volunteer program at Westside Recreation Centre, spent a summer as a Camp Counsellor at Summit Camp in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, and supervised The City of Calgary Park n’ Play as a Recreation Program Specialist. I had no idea that my first full-time summer job would be the start of a recreation career spanning 25 years (and counting!).

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How to choose a summer camp your kids will love – even in a pandemic

Whether you're looking for enrichment for your child, a way to keep your kids occupied and supervised while you work, or need a short reprieve from parenting, there's sure to be a summer camp that's the right fit for your child and family. Even facing down yet another summer in the COVID-19 pandemic, summer camps are up and running!

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