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Why day camps?

There are very few worlds reserved for children. Day camps are one of those destinations that provide a safe and supervised environment for children to relax, void of technology, make friends and engage in activities to strengthen their passions. Day camps expand on the pillars of education and allow children to dive into self-discovery and surface with new experiences, skills, and their own unique view of the world.

Imagine an opportunity for children to enjoy structure and freedom at the same time. Day camp providers create communities, even for short periods of time, to openly assist children of all abilities to participate in meaningful adventure that include play, creativity, games, social interactions and provide memories that may last a lifetime. Direct feedback from participants has shown us that these important experiences have given them time to exhale, explore and be excited about being subject experts within their own interests.

Providers, leaders, and Instructors provide beneficial relationships with children by capturing the interests of day camp groups and delivering programs best suited to age and abilities. Most are trained in High Five®, which promotes healthy child development. Caring adults empower children to have the courage to create, ride bikes, jump higher and swim safely, many activities that are life-long possibilities.

Nature, art studios and pools are all places of practice. Indoors or outdoors, once a year, a day camp can become a refuge away from the problems of the bigger world where we, even as adults, can become anxious. Studies show that stress levels decrease as children participate more frequently in social and recreational activity. Chances are you may have a memory of a childhood camp and it involves friends and loads of fun with independence! A day camp is a place for children to grow in their abilities as social beings. They take turns, listen, contribute, and most importantly participate wholly.

Choosing a day camp should be a shared process with your child to ensure they are registering in activities that are truly their passion. Experiences can be difficult for those that have been over-scheduled, or parent placed for convenience. Setting your child up for the best success means allowing them to be the driver of their interests. Consider joining a program this summer. Have a discussion with your child today and find out what interests them most. Sign up early to avoid disappointment as many camps fill fast!

Laurie is a practicing artist and arts champion. Her best summer experiences as a child were at camp in the Rocky Mountains. 


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