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Mental Health

Working through big emotions

“Hey, you in the car in front of me – you drive like an…!”

Most of us at some point, in our heads, have thought something like this. We've all been there. We experience a moment of frustration or anger and we have a thought in our head that we would never say out loud. 

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Childhood depression

Childhood is a time of enormous growth and learning. When thinking about all the relationship dynamics, situations, and events our children are navigating at a time in their lives when many of these things are happening for the first time, it’s hard not to be impressed. In the balance of life, there are high times and low ones. It is expected there will be times when our children feel tired, upset, worried, irritable, overwhelmed, sad, and generally out of sorts. This is normal. It’s when the low feelings persist and begin to interfere with our child’s functioning that it’s time to consider if something more might be going on. 

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Being a Good Consumer of Psychological Advice

‘Karen*’ has become famous. Karen has a lot to say about a lot of things. Karen wants you to know what they know - and they know a lot! A Karen is a person who has opinions but lacks the evidence - valid evidence.

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New Year’s resolutions you might keep

When January 1 rolls around, most of us look for fresh starts. This year we’ll lose weight, quit smoking or drinking too much, get along with family members and… the list goes on. Check in with folks on January 20 and most have either given up on their resolutions already, or have forgotten what they were.

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