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Mental Health

“Mommy, Call the Doctor!” Is Your Child Worrying Herself Sick?

My youngest daughter has long been a frequent visitor to the school nurse (tummy aches). And to the First-Aid box in our hall closet (microscopic cuts). And if a little friend comes down with an intriguing ailment (walking pneumonia was the latest one), my daughter is likely to limp dramatically and claim that she might have it too.

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Put an End to the Post-Holiday Blues

Keep your family’s spirits up when the holiday season is winding down.

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The Post-Holiday-Season Blues

 I really love the holiday season and when I wake up on New Year's Day, I feel a little sad. The post-holidays makes me think about snowy weather...when the snow first falls, it is sparkling, clean, and evokes bright-eyed, smiling faces. But, by the next day it is dirty and we are all fed up with it! The post-holidays are just like the day-old snow. Overnight, the twinkling lights are gone from homes and stores; the parties are over; grumpy people are returning unwanted gifts; and it's back to school and work.  

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Getting Back to Normal After a Disaster

Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, floods and earthquakes are often the most destructive events that a person can experience in a lifetime. These types of storms are also among the most expensive disasters to recover from financially because of being out of work or not having enough insurance coverage to replace what the storm destroyed. It may take months to perhaps even a year for everyone to feel that things are back to "normal".

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