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Mental Health

Getting your kids to listen to you and follow directions

Everyone is busy, including your kids. Your kids are learning, growing, and trying to make sense of their world every day. There are endless reasons why your kids don’t listen (which is true for you, too). You are moving fast, managing all the things around you, juggling demands, so it can get irksome when your kids don’t listen to you or do what you’ve asked so you can get on with your day. But your kids don’t set out to upset or disappoint you. They are learning and their minds are often preoccupied with things important to them.

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4 things to consider when finding therapy for your teen

Due to the pandemic, the last couple years have been challenging for everyone’s mental health, especially teens. Some of my favorite memories of adolescence are hanging out with friends, going to the mall with friends, and playing sports with friends and classmates.

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Developing Social Skills During a Pandemic

If my child had minimal social interactions over the past year, will they be behind in their social skills? What if my child had some interactions but it looked different because of masks and social distancing protocols? Can my child regain the social skills they may have lost over the past year? Will my child be more anxious now when it comes to building friendships? These are all common questions and concerns many parents have.

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Help a Child Open Up and Read With Them

It’s those moments, on Saturday mornings when it’s too dark and chilly to venture out, and then after dinner, when the day has tugged at their feelings, that what a child might need most is a story. A story, and you.

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