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Ages 5-11

Tips for packing top-notch lunches

We know that making lunches for school can be challenging especially when kids have different likes and dislikes, or have food allergies. We can help you avoid that lunchbox fatigue and keep your family members happy. We have put together some helpful tips and tasty recipes to add some variety and excitement to your lunches: 

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Teach Your Kids about Friendship

Growing up, there was a lot my parents did that I now hope to improve upon as a parent - or do differently. But one thing I appreciate that my parents did for the family was putting a strong emphasis on good people skills. My parents taught me and my sisters how to get along with others, even if others were very different from our family. As I have gotten older, my parents’ tips and advice have come in handy on numerous occasions. And now, I want to do my best to teach my kids about what it means to be a good friend, look for good friends, and how to get along with anyone and everyone.

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Back-to-School Serenity Strategies: Seven Ways to Calm Your Anxious Kid

If your child is naturally shy, introverted, or resistant to change, you probably won’t be surprised when back-to-school anxiety crops up a few weeks before school starts. And what if your typically fearless, hyper-social child suddenly starts to have angry outbursts or impulsive restlessness a couple of weeks before school starts? Could this be a sign of back-to-school anxiety? 

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Teach Your Child Party Manners

When your child uses good manners, other people want to be around them. That’s why birthday parties are opportune events to teach children not only party etiquette but a graciousness that goes beyond rules. Whether your child is the host or the guest, you can make teaching children party etiquette fun. Stage a mock birthday party so that your child can role-play some of these helpful hints. 

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