PCA 2020


Graduation - Your Guide to Party Success

Your child’s graduation, whether from elementary school, junior high, or high school, is a big deal and should be celebrated! It is the completion and advancement of your child’s education and celebrating this important milestone encourages your child to continue learning throughout their life.

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2019 Shower Trends and Ideas

The baby shower has some pretty strong traditions that haven’t really changed over the years: either a pink or blue theme with the standard steamers, clothespin game, and obligatory assortment of snacks... but not to worry, because 2019 is bringing in some new baby shower trends to make the biggest change in one’s life a true celebration! There are so many ways to celebrate to match any budget or taste, and you’re not limited to pink and blue anymore.

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25 Gifts Moms Always Need

If you are attending a baby shower in the near future, warm up with a little baby shower bingo before you gift shop! Sure, you could order from the registry. Or you could consider the possibilities and come up with custom items to perfectly suit the new mom's tastes and habits.

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The “Ins” and “Outs” of Chill Winter Birthdays

Feeling stuck for winter birthday party ideas? First, consider the age of your child and their party guests, the number of guests, and your budget. Do you want to enjoy a winter wonderland outdoors or feel warm and cozy indoors? Do you want to host the birthday party at home or away? Not to worry! There’s endless chill winter party potential in and around Calgary.

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